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Nj restraining order

Once paternity is established, there are usually a great number of questions that arise about maintaining a long-standing relationship with the child and what legal obligations follow as a result of the paternity outcome. Our experienced paternity attorneys assist our clients in determining what child custody and creative visitation plans are available, no matter what the age of the child. Whether you are the child’s mother or the newly established biological father, our paternity attorneys will provide you with efficient, compassionate and aggressive representation. Additionally, child support will need to be addressed as well as other significant child related issues.

Family Law

Family is always important, this is why we should seek for legal advice if there is something that bothers us. It is always better to ask experts before we act upon something.

Child custody new jersey

In order to prevent this type of situation from arising, the New Jersey adoption attorneys at Weinberger Law Group can help you protect your legal rights and your future by solidifying a legal relationship with your step-child that is comparable to that of a birth parent and their child.

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